I'm so mad at myself . . .

Let me give you all a little tip:  When you take something out of a drawer or closet, put it back where you found it!!  A couple of years ago, I took some old, old photos out of my storage box, scanned them, and then did not put them back where they belonged.  I have been searching high and low all day, everywhere I can think of, but have come up with nothing.  Nada.  Niente.  Nichts.  And the hard drive the scans were on has long since had a total meltdown.  Any language you can say it in -- I'm an idiot.

Why is it so important?  Missing are pictures of Grandma Sophie's family when she was a young woman, Grandpa Berneburg as a sailing man, and most important of all, a picture of Grandma Sophie with her sisters, Lina and Hanni, standing in front of the church where they were all confirmed.  If I could find that, I could send it to the FamNord list, and someone would be able to recognize it, I'm sure, and then I would know where to write for information . . . Would anyone else have that picture?  (I'm looking at you, ML . . . )

However, I did find one bit of treasure, Grandma's birth certificate, which has at least more complete names of Max Langer and Wilhelmina Schulze -- they are:

Maximilian Joseph Langer
Christiane Wilhelmina Luisa Schulze

See what the problem is?  All this time I've been looking for Wilhelmina when I should have been looking for Christiane!  And it says Grandma was born in Geestendorf, not Geestemuende, although they're right next door.  Sigh.

Klicken Sie, bitte!  (Soon you will know a little bit of German)

This is a postcard I just ordered from Germany -- it's a picture of the harbor at Bremerhaven where Grandpa Gustav Berneburg used to sail on steamships like the big one on the right.  3Z's and W:  Would you like to sail on a big ship like that?


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