A long-lost relative!

One thing I've hoped to find through this research are our long-lost relatives on the Ortman side.  If you remember, Great-grandpa William John Ortman Sr. (of CDE) was the youngest of nine children of Joseph and Anna Ortmann.  When he married our grandmother, because he was Catholic and she was Lutheran, they disowned him and he never had contact with any of his eight brothers and sisters again.  So, as you can imagine, we have many great-aunts and uncles, cousins second and third, that we have never, ever heard of.

Well, we have uncovered a relative.  I won't name him, to preserve his privacy, except to call him B.  His grandmother, Mary Theresa Ortmann, was the second oldest sister of our great-grandfather, William John.  He has posted a picture of her, which I'll include here:

I don't have a picture of Great-grandpa when he was young, unfortunately, but I'll try to find one of him so we can put them side-by-side and see if they look alike.

I'm excited to have made this connection.  Although I have no intention of showing up his doorstep, I'm happy to know that B. exists and to have this picture.  I'm very touched by the whole thing.

See you soon -- 


  1. Awesome!! Great to know. How did you find this? Did he contact you?

  2. He popped up on ancestry.com as a potential connection, and when I looked at his family tree, I could see his grandmother and our grandfather were siblings. So I sent him a message, and he answered. Now he's added some of my information to his tree.


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