Random Monday

Since school started last Monday, I haven't been able to post much, so I thought I'd do a "Random Monday," in which I share a few things I find interesting or meaningful.

First up is an essay that my D wrote when he was five -- he was in a Montessori school and had to write an essay every weekend.  Can you read this one?

His teacher encouraged him to use "invented spelling," which is why the spelling is a bit eccentric.  Hope that he still remembers it, now that he has a motorcycle!  If you can't read it, let me know in the comments and I'll translate.

Here's a beautiful picture of a Christmas tree that I received from Z2 (you know who you are!).  I love it -- look at the beautiful ornaments, and how the artist shows all the branches of the Christmas tree.  Thank you for sending it to me!  Send more, please!

Remember cootie catchers?  Do you still remember how to make them?  Do kids make them any more?  We used to tell our fortunes with them.   I still remember how to make them.  Why the heck were they called "cootie catchers"?

I'm sure EDC remember how Grandma Walli liked to do paint-by-numbers paintings, before she got all into not-by-numbers paintings herself.  We had several hanging on our walls on Virginia Circle, including this one:

Klicken Sie, bitte!
These are collectible now!  Except we don't have them, and even if we did, I'm sure we wouldn't sell them.

Please click to see the whole picture!

 On Sundays, our dad used to like to take a drive; sometimes we went to church or community fairs or bazaars -- and that was where I had my first beer-battered onion rings.  They must have been fabulous, because I remember them to this very day, and it must have been 55 or so years ago!  One of our favorite places to go was the Stage Coach, a Western-style restaurant we would stop at every now and then.  DD, does it still exist?  I can't find a website for it.  This article, sadly, says it's gone.

Klick away, please, to see the whole moonlit scene!

I ordered a bunch of old postcards from a place in Germany, and I really like this one.  It shows the wharf at Geestemuende, part of Bremerhaven, where GGrandma Sophie and her sisters, Grandma Walli, and Uncle Erich were born.  I like to think of them walking on the wharf in the moonlight, enjoying a beautiful evening.

Well, that's all for today.  Since school started last week, I've been going about 100 mph each day -- I wish I were retired again!  But I'll keep plugging away and post every time I get the chance.

See you next time --


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