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An interesting "German Roots Festival"!

Just got back today from "My German Roots:  A Festival for German Genealogists," in Sacramento.  I had a great time!  They had multiple sessions going on at the same time, but they gave us a spiral bound book so that we wound up with information from every presentation, which was very cool. It was held at a huuuuge Presbyterian church, and maybe 100 people were there.  If you were to zoom in on this picture, you'd see that just about everyone's hair is on the spectrum between grey and white -- it was a bunch of oldsters, all right. But, that's who has time for genealogy, because it is definitely a huge sinkhole of time.  So there were multiple presenters, a professor from Brigham Young University and six of his students, who gave presentations on all kinds of things.  I chose to go to sessions on Church records in Germany How to use the Family History Library catalogue Reference books you need for German family history Status in German society,