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An interesting find --

I'm at a genealogy conference in Sacramento, today and tomorrow.  After listening to one of the presentations, I upped my presence on My Heritage, and started searching some of the people in our family.  Here's something interesting I found -- I'm sure this is EDC's dad, Bill Ortman.  Unfortunately, the file came as a .pdf, so I can't reproduce it (it's not a .jpg). but here's what it says: "Among the tid-bits we have picked up about some Saturday NBC programs is that Colonel Goodbody and Judge Gordon will dedicate the 9:30 AM food program to Georgia and will embarrass the Atlantans by revealing that they chew 50 carloads of sugar cane annually and that a boy soprano, Billy Ortman, will be heard on the Keys to Happiness program at 10:45 a.m." This is from April 22, 1932.  Dad would have just turned seven. I'm surprised, because I thought Dad was exclusively on CBS, but here he is on NBC.  Oh, by the way, this is from a San Antonio, Texas,

Can I have a drum roll, please?

23andme finally finished analyzing my DNA sample (the results have come in bit by bit), and gave me the ethnic/nationality composition.  This is the first one that makes sense to me: Northern European French and German 30.0% British and Irish 13.1% Scandinavian  11.1% Finnish <0.1% Nonspecific Northern European 38.0% Eastern European 3.5% Southern European Balkan 0.4% Nonspecific Southern European 0.1% Nonspecific European  3.7% This seems more reasonable, doesn't it, than the first one that said I was 38% British Isles or whatever?  I think they lump French and German together because the border has been fluid, and our Hug line is right on the border of France.  I don't know why there's such a large chunk of "Nonspecific Northern European," but I'll try to find out what's up with that.  It will be interesting to see how Chris's analysis matches up to this.

One more step back --

After I attended the German Genealogy conference last month, I was so excited that I ordered a microfilm from the big library in Salt Lake City -- this costs $8.99 for every film you order, and if you get no new information from it, well, say goodbye to your $8.99.  But I went ahead and ordered the " Kirchenbuch Katholische Kirche Wolfach" -- the church record book for the Catholic church in Wolfach, Germany.  I had tried asking for information from Wolfach on the email list of genealogists from Baden-Wuerttemberg, but got no response, so looking at the church records myself seemed like a good idea.  The Salt Lake City family history center sent the microfilm to my local family history center, housed in the local LDS temple. I looked through twenty-five years of entries, searching for our 5th great-grandfather, Blasius (or Blasy) Hug.  Here's what I came up with: from the Kirchenbuch Katholische Kirche, Wolfach, Germany The line that is of interest to us i

New DNA Results

I got my results from 23andme about a week ago, and while the results are not quite finished, there's a wealth of information to digest.  It comes in several areas:  1) Health information; 2) matches with other members, and 3) a bit about nationalities, though that part isn't finished yet. I didn't know whether I really wanted to do the health part, but now I'm glad I did.  There were only a couple of big surprises -- I guess I didn't need to do a DNA test to know that I have a somewhat elevated risk of heart disease or Type 2 diabetes, but a couple of things caused me concern.  I have to pay attention to my eyesight, because I'm at risk for macular degeneration, and it turns out I'm a carrier for one serious condition -- doesn't affect me, but I'll be talking to a couple of you about it.  But it's good to know these things, so you can actually do something about them.  I was worried about Alzheimer's, which you can't do anything about,

Back in Business

Okay!  It's been a while, but now that I'm 1) finished with school, 2) done with the watercolor workshop that I went to all this week, and 3) have our new dog Hugo pretty much settled in, I can turn my attention back to the genealogy research that has been calling my name for the past few months.  I'll just give you some hints about things I'll be writing about in the near future.  But first things first, here's Hugo: Hugo the Great Isn't he adorable?  Okay, so here are some of the things I'll be writing about: My recent DNA results More U4 news, including some about dogs New relatives discovered through DNA matching Chris's results, soon, I hope The family history expo I'm going to in a couple of weeks and much, much more! So stick around!  Lots of fun to come.