An interesting find --

I'm at a genealogy conference in Sacramento, today and tomorrow.  After listening to one of the presentations, I upped my presence on My Heritage, and started searching some of the people in our family.  Here's something interesting I found -- I'm sure this is EDC's dad, Bill Ortman.  Unfortunately, the file came as a .pdf, so I can't reproduce it (it's not a .jpg). but here's what it says:

"Among the tid-bits we have picked up about some Saturday NBC programs is that Colonel Goodbody and Judge Gordon will dedicate the 9:30 AM food program to Georgia and will embarrass the Atlantans by revealing that they chew 50 carloads of sugar cane annually and that a boy soprano, Billy Ortman, will be heard on the Keys to Happiness program at 10:45 a.m."

This is from April 22, 1932.  Dad would have just turned seven.

I'm surprised, because I thought Dad was exclusively on CBS, but here he is on NBC.  Oh, by the way, this is from a San Antonio, Texas, newspaper!  More to come --


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