Back in Business

Okay!  It's been a while, but now that I'm 1) finished with school, 2) done with the watercolor workshop that I went to all this week, and 3) have our new dog Hugo pretty much settled in, I can turn my attention back to the genealogy research that has been calling my name for the past few months.  I'll just give you some hints about things I'll be writing about in the near future.  But first things first, here's Hugo:

Hugo the Great

Isn't he adorable?  Okay, so here are some of the things I'll be writing about:

My recent DNA results
More U4 news, including some about dogs
New relatives discovered through DNA matching
Chris's results, soon, I hope
The family history expo I'm going to in a couple of weeks
and much, much more!

So stick around!  Lots of fun to come.


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