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The Story of Joseph Ortmann

Hi everyone -- I've been away from blogging for a bit, but am raring to get going on it again.  I've been working hard on EDC's great-grandfather, Joseph Ortmann, but still not getting any information on his birthplace in Germany, which is keeping me from going farther back.  One of the books I have suggests that if you're stuck, you write everything you know about the person, telling their story.  So that's what I'll do here. Joseph's story brings in a state we haven't talked about -- New Jersey.  Grandpa Bill Ortman, despite having grown up in New York, was actually a "Jersey boy," since he was born in Union City, New Jersey.  Deb Ortman was born in New Jersey, too, since we lived there (Cedar Grove, suburb of Newark) before we moved to Minnesota.  So we Ortmans do have roots in that state. New Jersey, with our neck of the woods circled in green. Joseph Ortmann was born in 1848 (in July) in "Pommern," Germany.  Pomerania