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A Welsh Connection!

A while back, a very nice woman who lives near York, England, contacted me to see if I knew anything about someone named Constantine Hug, who was born in Baden, Germany and who emigrated to Wales in the mid-1800's.

I have many Hugs in the family tree, as you will know from previous posts, but when I looked, I saw no one with the name of Constantine.  I checked on and, and the only thing I came up with was a Konstantine Hug who was born in Nonnenbach, Germany, in 1831.  It says his parents were Sebastian Hug and Maria Dorer, and while I have several Sebastians in the family tree, I can't see where this Konstantine would fit in, especially since Nonnenbach is about 120 miles away from where the Hugs are centered in Heiligenzell or Lahr.  I sent the information along, nevertheless.

The road to Nonnenbach by jenknox --
Nonnenbach is a small town on the border of Germany and Switzerland, a couple of miles from the Bodensee, a large lake.  In Wales, where Co…