Frustration --

Nothing to report, really -- I just want to express the frustration of a genealogical researcher who has spent pretty much the whole day putzing around in the halls of time and has come up with nothing.  I've looked at so many sites today, databases, forums, etc. etc. and haven't come up with a crumb of information, not even a lead.

This is the thing about genealogy -- it's days, weeks, months of boredom punctuated by moments of great joy and excitement.  When something breaks open, it's a thrill, but most of the time, it's just plain drudgery.

I did send a couple of emails -- to a woman at the new version of the asylum attached to the University of Goettingen (now called "Asklepios") to ask if they had historical records, and to a man who posted something about Langers in Silesia back in 2002.  The email hasn't bounced back, so is it possible that he still is using that address?  I wonder what email address I was using in 2002?

To cheer myself up, I ordered two 1908 maps from a woman in Spain, one of Bremerhaven and one of Hannover.  They look really nice.

I hope when I get it I'll be able to pick out the street where Grandma Walli was born and where the Langers lived.

Well, that's all for today.  Talk to you again soon --


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