Saturday at the Jamboree

Well, so far I haven't won a raffle prize, which I'm a little disgruntled about.  :(  But anyway --

This morning I went to a session on the new Family Tree feature on Family Search.  They're going for a "human family" tree -- that is, there are no private trees but rather each tree joins to every other tree.  It was an interesting session on how to use all the new features.

Then I went to a session on blogging, a panel discussion by some pretty prominent bloggers.  I found it inspiring and immediately when I got to the hotel made some changes to my blog :)

I also had a meeting with Bennett Greenspan, the president of Family Tree DNA.  I had several little ancestry charts and wondered whether having more distant cousins tested would add anything, or whether I should increase Chris' Y-DNA test to 67 . . . happily, he talked me out of almost everything, pointing out how much money he saved me lol.  I will upgrade one test, but not more than that.  The problem is that we (Elise, Deb, Chris) have very unusual mutations in our DNA that seriously limit the number of matches we have, so there's not much point in doing any more testing -- we have to just wait until more people are in the database that match us, and then we will definitely be related.

So, home again tomorrow.  It's been fun but a little overwhelming!

A small part of the exhibit hall --


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