A Genealogical Treasure Trove!

I feel like it's Christmas -- a big envelope arrived today from the Stadtarchive in Bremerhaven, with 11 different family records in it!  I'm amazed that all I did was send them an email to ask how I could get the records, and the person there did all this research and came up with so much family history.  And they do it COD -- you don't have to pay them before they'll send it.

So I'll start with an inventory:

1.  The marriage record of Maximilian Langer and Wilhelmine Schulze, 26 April 1884

2.  The marriage record of Wilhelmine Langer and Wilhelm Boesel, 11 March 1904

3.  The birth record of Sophie Bertha Marie Langer, 11 April 1886

4.  The birth record of Martha Johanne Langer, 13 July 1890

5.  The birth record of Rosa Frieda Lina Langer, 15 April 1893

6.  The marriage record of Sophie Langer and Gustav Berneburg, 11 November 1909

7.  The marriage record of Lina Langer and Otto Meyer, 5 Jun 1920

8.   The death record of Wilhelmine Boesel, 4 November 1938

9.  The newspaper notice of the death of Wilhelmine Boesel, 5 November 1938

10.  Two family record cards for the Boesel family

11.  Family record card for the Berneburg family

Whew!  The person (Magistrate of the State Archive) also wrote a long (two-page) letter giving me additional information.  I'm just overwhelmed at the treasure I received.

I will definitely be writing a post about each of these documents, but I wanted to spring the news that I have a whole lot more stuff to go through!  I guess you can tell that I'm excited . . .

The treasure trove --


  1. Oh my, that is a wonderful mail day!

  2. Yes, it was! I have been giving myself a big headache trying to read the Fraktur (old German script), but it's a good kind of headache!

  3. How wonderful! Congrats on your exciting family history treasures in the mail!

  4. Can't wait to see all of your treasures.


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