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In a recent post, I asked about the strategies others use for creating a story from a small number of facts you have for a particular ancestor or ancestral line.  A number of people recommended making a timeline, which is something I haven't done.  So to get a running start with my 39 new ancestors, I'll start with the earliest one and go down his particular line.  (Feel free to skip down to the table at the bottom.)

"um 1598" or about 1598, Gerdt von Glaan is born, no birthplace recorded.

In about 1630, his son, Christoffer von Glaan, is born in Vollersode, Kirchspiel Hambergen.  No mother is recorded, and a note says Gerdt von Glaan (age32) was not married or his marriage was unknown.

Around 1630, Anna Fincken is born.

June 10, 1673, Christoffer von Glaan (age 33) and Anna Fincken (age 43) are married.   Little is known about Anna other than the year of her death.

1677, Christoffer (age 37) and Anna's (age 47) daughter, Anna von Glaan is born.

About 1677, Harm Jachens is born.

1682, Gerdt von Glaan is on a militia list; he is 84 years old and identified as a "Halbbau," or "half-farmer" (small plot farmer). 

1682, Christoffer von Glaan is on a militia list; he is 52 years old.  

August 1689, Gerdt von Glaan dies at the age of about 91, in Vollersode, Korschspiel Hambergen.

1691, Christoffer von Glaan is on a militia list; he is 60 years old and identified as a "Halbbau."

November 7, 1709, 32-year-old Anna von Glaan marries Harm Jachens (also 32) in Lesum, St. Martini.  The family has moved to where it will reside for many years.

27 km or 17 miles -- not so far . . . *

1709, Heilwig Krudop is born in Mar├čel, Kirchspiel Lesum

About 1711,  Dierich Jachens, Anna and Harm's son, is born, in Burgdamm, Kirchspiel Lesum 

December 1712, Anna Fincken (age 82) dies in Vollersode

1713, Christoffer von Glaan (age 83) dies in Vollersode, Kirchspiel Hambergen.

3 Nov 1735 Heilwig Krudop (age 26) marries Dierich Jachens (age 24)

January 7, 1737, Peter Otten is born

3 August 1737  Anna Jachens is born, daughter of Heilwig and Dierich

Between 1739 and 1757, Harm Jachens dies, age unknown.

Sept. 23, 1743  Dierich Jachens dies, in vor Burgdamm, Kirchspiel Lesum, at the age of 32.  His occupation:  Koethner.

Oct. 3, 1757  Anna von Glaan (age 80) dies in vor Burgdamm, Kirchspiel Lesum

Nov. 15, 1759, Anna Jachens(age 22)  marries Peter Otten (age 22), a farmer and day laborer

About 1767, Adelheit Anna Wellbrock is born

May 12, 1768, Johann Harm Otten, son of Anna and Peter, is born

Dec. 1777, Heilwig Krudop dies, age 68.

December 1786, Anna Jachens dies, age 49.  She died of dropsy, which is a kidney problem.

August 20, 1792, Peter Otten dies, age 55.

About 1800, Anna Margrete Otten is born to Adelheit Anna Wellbrock and Johann Harm Otten; they never married but had three children.

August 14, 1806, Johann Harm Otten dies, age 38.

February 15, 1810, Gevert Bellmer is born.

May 1, 1835, Sophie Bellmer is born to Anna Margrete Otten (35) and Gevert Bellmer (25), a ship's carpenter.  They were not married.

Dec. 12, 1842, Adelheit Anna Wellbrock dies, age 75.

December 24, 1859, Christiane Wilhelmine Luise Bellmer is born to Sophie Bellmer; no father is recorded.

November 23, 1868, Anna Margrete Otten dies, about 68 years of age.

August 3, 1882, Gevert Bellmer dies, age 72.

Date of Sophie Bellmer's death is unknown.

So what does all this mean?  At first, I'm not sure; it's just a bunch of names and dates.  Then I tried plotting it out as a chart:

 It's a little wonky, but still good enough.  Eight out of 12 ancestors made it to the age of 65 or older -- that's pretty good, and it flies in the face of our notion that people in the olden days died young.  Not in my family!  I also see that except for a move at one point of about 17 miles, this branch of the family stayed put for almost 200 years -- Christiane W.L. Schulze did move away to Bremerhaven, probably in the 1870's or so, but up until then, they were farmers and they stuck to their land. 

So now where to?  I'm going to stop and ask for advice.  What would you make of such a timeline?

*Map. Google Maps. Google, 20 July, 2014.


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