Funeral Card Friday, Kinda --

So a possible theme for today's post is "Funeral Card Friday."  I don't have any ancestors' funeral cards to share, but in yesterday's packet from Germany was the death announcement for EDC's great-grandmother, Christiane Wilhelmine Luise Schulze Langer Boesel:

Nordwestdeutsche Zeitung, 06.11.1938

I find this a very touching document.  I'll translate it for you:

"Our dear, good-hearted, loyal, caring mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law and aunt, Wilhelmine Boesel, married name Langer, born Schulze, yesterday afternoon was delivered from this world in her 79th year, having endured with great patience suffering and a gentle death.

In silent mourning:

Hermann Schmalzried and wife (Hanni, born Langer)
Otto Meyer and wife (Lina, born Langer)
Gustav Berneburg and wife (Sophie, born Langer)

Wesermuende-G, Muenster in Westfalen, New York, the 5th Nov. 1938

The funeral takes place on Tuesday, November 8, 2:30 in the afternoon, at the Geestemuender cemetery chapel. Please send memorial wreath donations to the funeral home Ludwig Koop." 

It's a touching tribute, right? One thing I find odd but is surely reflective of the times is the listing of the husbands' names "and wife" in bold print, with the wives' names in small print below.  The thing is, her actual children were the "and wives," Hanni, Lina and Sophie, yet their names are in there as kind of an afterthought.  This convention lingered on, though, because I think I remember from my childhood that a letter might arrive addressed to "Mr. William J. Ortman and Wife."

I also wonder about the order the names are in -- I can't figure out any rationale for that order, not alphabetical, not birth order (which was Sophie-Hanni-Lina).  My guess is that it was Onkel Hermann, who had all the money and juice in the family, who wrote the notice and placed it, of course listing himself and Hanni first.  Just a guess though --

So there you have it -- the death notice of a woman who was great grandmother, great-great grandmother, or great-great-great grandmother to everyone in the family who reads this blog.  More on Christiane Wilhelmine Luise Schulze Langer Boesel next time.


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