Saturday Night Genealogy Fun! 19.7.1914

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has posed some questions tonight about where your ancestors were 100 years ago:

19th January, 1914

Interesting question!  Let's see where the "Ortburgs" were at that point.  We'll start with the Ortmanns and go from left to right on the family tree. 

Great-grandmother Anna Schwietering Ortmann was living in Queens at 1807 Catalpa Ave., having moved there from New Jersey when Great-grandfather Joseph Ortmann passed away in 1911.  She shared her apartment with daughter Anna M. Ortmann, who was 39 at the time.  The census says that Anna M. was an "operator" -- a telephone operator, maybe?  

Grandfather William J. Ortman, Sr., was 20 years old, and I'm not sure where he was living.  Maybe in New Jersey, which didn't have a 1915 census, as New York did.  In 1910, he had been a clerk in the automobile industry; perhaps in 1914 he still had that job.

Great-grandfather George Siegler lived at 920 Yarmouth St. in Woodhaven, Queens, with his wife Tillie Siegler and their two daughters, May, age 20, and Dorothy, age 3 (yes, those ages are correct).  George was an "enamel inspector," May was a "shirtwaist operator," and Dorothy was just enjoying her life.  They also had a boarder, a Frenchman named Charles Marcot, who worked at an agate factory.

Crossing the pond to Germany,  Great-grandmother Wilhelmine Schulze Langer Boesel lived in Bremerhaven with her second husband, Wilhelm Boesel, a locksmith.  The only one of the girls likely to have been still living at home was Lina.

Grandfather Gustav Berneburg and Grandma Sophie had been married for five years and had a son, Eric, who was three.  Grandma was several months pregnant with Otto, who would be born in Feb. 1915.  I believe they were living in Bremerhaven, and Grandpa was working as a machinist.

So interesting to do this and to think about what they were doing on this very day 100 years ago!   It kind of brings them to life.  Thanks, Randy.


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