Home for a minute, and then --

I enjoyed a great two days at the Mobile Digital Art and Creativity Summit in Palo Alto ( = making art on your iPad).  The presenters were excellent, and there was so much information and so many fun apps and toys showed to us -- it will take me months to sort through it all.  I did a few things while I was there:

My grand-nephew, fiercely playing his video game

 A Japanese lady

My little dog, Hugo.  Good boy, Hugo.

In the two days, I learned about Sketchbook Pro, Procreate, ArtRage, Skribl, iColorama, and more.  It was a huge smorgasbord of fun.  And some of the things people do digitally are amazingly beautiful -- here's a link to some of the art they had on display in the gallery:  http://www.mdacsummit.org/winners.html   Have a look -- it will blow you away.

Tomorrow we are off to Mendocino for just a couple of days.  Hoping to get some sketching, etc., done up there and maybe a bit of blogging too --


  1. Thanks for sharing the link Elise. Some of that artwork from the competition is fantastic!!!

  2. It is. Mine is kind of pitiful in comparison! :)


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