The Dream Genealogy Trip

Last night's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun got me started thinking about my dream genealogical trip to Germany.  I figured out the route:

It's not that long -- 10.5 hour drive overall.  But of course I wouldn't be driving it in one day but rather stopping along the way to visit relatives, archives, and so on.  I think the flight to Bremerhaven would go through Charles De Gaulle in Paris because at this moment in life, I need to fly premium economy.  Then I'd rent a car and go the rest of the trip, then I guess go back to Bremerhaven if leaving the car at Frankfurt would be too expensive.  I'm thinking $6000 or so should about cover it (the premium economy is expensive!).

When could I do this?  In 2015, we're going to a family reunion kind of thing in Minnesota, and if it's at all possible, I'd like to take my sister on a genealogy cruise to Alaska (serious fantasy -- don't know if it's workable).  Maybe in 2016 it would work, in the spring?  We'll see.  Ed and I still have to get to Paris before we cash in our chips, lol.  It's hard to squeeze all this in before it becomes too hard to get around!

So, wish me luck in working it out.  I'm really psyched to have it happen.


  1. Looks very doable! Could you could go a little south from Dortmund and swing by Kirchhundem for me?


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