Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: My August Genea-Prize

As he does each Saturday night, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings poses questions for everyone to answer, should they find themselves at home on Saturday night with nothing to do. :)  This week, it's about the "genea-prize" we got from our research in August.  I'll post his questions at the bottom.

1)  I did a lot of genealogical research in August.  I got my great-grandmother Anna Schwietering Ortmann's and great-great-grandmother Sophia Hug's death certificates; I received documents from the City Archive in Hannover that allowed me to get one more generation back on the Berneburg line; and I spent many, many hours in the local Family History Center researching the Langers on microfilms I had ordered from the library in Salt Lake City.  I also decided to go to RootsTech in SLC in February.  That's huge!

2)  I think my prize was determining who of the many Langers I looked at in Oberglogau, Silesia,  was my great-great-grandfather, Anton Langer.  I've identified him and what may be one of his wives, and several siblings for great-grandfather Maximilian.  I say "one of his wives," because her name is Johanna Kura, and on Maxmilian's death certificate, it says his mother was Barbara Kura.  I haven't found a Barbara Kura yet, but I'm going to look at the death records to see if Johanna Kura died.  It was very common, if a wife died, for the husband to marry her sister, so that's a possibility.  I also have a tantalizing possibility that Anton and his son Johann emigrated to the U.S. and wound up in Wisconsin -- it will take quite a bit of work to confirm that, but it will be instantly disconfirmed if I find a death record for Anton in Oberglogau.

I also got a book from Germany called "Siedlungsgeschichte Oberschlesiens," a history of the settlement of Silesia.  It's slow going because my German is so rusty, but I'm determined to read at least the parts that deal with Oberglogau.

So there you have it.  My genea-prize for August.

Randy's questions:

1)  Did you do some genealogy research during August 2014?  Did you find a great record or story pertaining to an ancestor or family member?

2)  Tell us about the BEST genea-prize ("record") you found during August 2014.  What was it, where did you find it, and how does it help advance your research?

3)  Share your genea-prize in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook or Google+ post. 


  1. Wonderful finds! This past month has been full of finds for me, too. I posted about one of them and ended up answering a question I was posing in the process!


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