Surname Saturday: The Word Cloud Expands!

A while ago (in June, actually), I did a "Wordle" of my family surnames.  It wasn't too big, because I didn't have that many names.

It's significant that if I do another word cloud at this point, it looks very different:

Look how many new names!  It amazes me that you can start with two names, your mom's and dad's, and before long have 40 or so names that you're connected to. 

This is one thing that's great about genealogy:  you can see your progress, literally see it.  I've made a lot of progress just in the past three months!  Do you see any names you recognize?


  1. That's a great visual! And, you have some unusual surnames. Hopefully that makes your research easier! I have names like Stewart (so common) and Close (which is hard to search for because it comes up everywhere!)


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