Great-Grandparents: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

This week on "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun," we're thinking about great-grandparents, and whether our children knew them.  

Sadly, the women in my family in recent generations seem to have delayed having children.  My mother was born when her mother was 40, and my son was born when I was 34, so the likelihood of him knowing any of his great-grandparents was slim-to-none.  Actually, none.  And his maternal grandmother, so sadly, was gone by the time he was four.

My cousin, however, married young and had children young, so I'm sure they knew their great-grandmother, at least for a short while.  Both grandfathers died early, 1952 and 1957, so they were long gone before any children were born. 

This matters to me.  I come from a tiny family -- my father was an only child, and my mother had one brother that was 16 years older than she was.  I have one first cousin.  Period.  So I've always longed to have family of any kind around, and so wish my son could have known his forebears.  

Well, as my husband always says, "It is what it is."  Nothing to do about it, except to write down everything I can think of, in case my great-grandchildren don't have a chance to know their great-grandmother.   

1)  Dana Leeds on the Enthusiastic Genealogist blog asks "Did/Do Your Children Know Any of Their Great-Grandparents?"

2)  I thought that would be a great Saturday Night Genealogy Fun question - so please share your response with us in a blog post of your own, in a comment on this blog post, or in a Facebook or Google+ post.

3)  For extra credit, or in case the answer is "No," then please answer the question for yourself, or your parents.


  1. We, too, have had very small families (in the past few generations). My daughter and both of her two cousins are all only children! And, we all had our children in our 30's. But, I'm thankful that all of our kids have know grandparents & great grandparents. Growing up, we lived by extended family & would get together with distant cousins, etc. But, you're husband is right.. "it is what it is." And, hopefully your great-grandchildren will love all that you leave for them!


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