Wordless Wednesday: My stylish grandma

Almost wordless:  My grandmother took a trip to Hawaii with a senior women's group, as depicted in this photo.  My grandmother is the one in the striped red-flowered muumuu -- isn't she just tons more stylish than any of the other ladies?  I wish I knew where that dress is. I think she looks pretty good.

Grandma B in Hawaii

And for a special bonus, a mystery question:  Here I am with my siblings watching something on tv.  You get big bonus points* if  you can guess what we're watching.

Clue:  1)  It was a special show.  2)  The year was 1956. 


*Bonus points have no monetary value.  You just get the good feeling of being right.  :)

It was The Wizard of Oz.   First time it was shown on television.


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