Ciao, everyone!

Well, in three-and-a-half hours we take off in the car for San Francisco; at 4:00 the plane will begin whisking us off to Paris (short change of planes) and Venice, and then we will whisk ourselves to Ferrara, Florence, Siena, and Lucca.

Yes, I'm nervous!  Didn't get much sleep last night.  I think I have everything packed except for a few last minute things, I know what I'm wearing on the plane (comfort first), I'm hopeful that the seating crisis (we're not sitting together on the long haul to Paris) will be resolved so I can relax on the plane, I have our tickets already to get by boat from Marco Polo Airport to Piazza San Marco and directions on how to walk to the hotel from the vaporetto stop . . . what could go wrong? 

It should be about 68 degrees when we get to Venice -- a welcome change from the beastly hot weather we've had here over the past week. Temperatures over 100 degrees, and no air conditioning in anyone's home in Santa Cruz.  Ugh!  But it seems to be over; I'm looking at fog right now.

I'm hoping that I haven't built this up so high in my head that the reality won't match up -- naaah, it's got to be even better.   I'll be posting, so I'll let you know!


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