Dec 22, 2014

Getting Unstuck

Jumping back into genealogy, I feel a little stuck and am not sure where to pick up the threads again.  Well, I guess that if you're stuck, a good way to get unstuck is to take stock of where you are and make a list of things to do.

Andreas Berneburg birth

1.  I've sent an email to people interested in the Mehrtens surname, which in my family goes back to the 1600-1700s.  One has accepted an invitation to my family tree on Ancestry, but I haven't heard back from him yet.

2.  I posted about the possible DNA cousin and her brick wall in the Niedersachsen facebook group -- now I need to contact a person who was recommended to me.

3.  I should do a careful comparison of the MH family tree that has the Schwieterings in it.  A quick glance suggests that some of the information came from my tree, but I'm pretty sure she has addtional information. 

4.  I should go over all the hints that have been accumulating on Ancestry and see if there's anything interesting.

5.  Ortmann line -- contact the people in Erkeln again -- a little delicate, but I guess worth the try.

6.  Try to progress on the Siegler/Sieblitz line.

7.  Try to make progress on the Hannover Hugs.

8.  Pursue the Berneburgs in Eltsmannishausen. 

9.  Try to crack the mystery -- did Anton Langer emigrate to the US???

10.  Find Christien Schulze and see if he adopted Wilhelmine

11.  Review existing tree for duplicates, etc

Of course, I'll be able to make great progress on these things (I hope) when I'm in Salt Lake in a few weeks!  I'll need to have all my ducks in a row, know exactly what I'm looking for and so on.  Can't wait for that!! 

Unnamed WPA photographer (public domain)

Dec 20, 2014

Back in Business --

Well, friends, remember me?  It's been a while.  Remember when I was in Italy and trying to blog while I was there?  Ha! It worked for a couple of posts, but we were just too busy for me to keep it up.  So I've been home now for about six weeks and have yet to post -- what's up with that?!  Various life and health things have intervened.  But genealogy is now calling me back, so I have to answer the call.  I can't stay away for long.

The house I stayed in at the painting workshop in Tuscany

Italy drew me away, but now things are drawing me back:
  • I've heard from someone from the German Genealogy Group who shares some surnames with me
  • I'm in contact with someone who Ancestry says has a high probability of being a DNA-related cousin
  • MyHeritage, which I rarely visit any more, sent a notice that they had connections for me, and boy, did they -- 
I'm very excited about the MyHeritage connection -- it's to a woman whose mother was a first cousin of my grandfather.  So are she and my father second cousins?  I have trouble figuring those kinds of things out. Anyone know of a good chart I could download and save?

Anyway, my great-grandmother, Annie Schwietering Ortmann, is her great-aunt, I think.  I am hoping against all hope that she might have a picture of Annie and/or (be still my heart) Annie and Joseph, my great-grandparents.   That would be the Holy Grail to me -- I long so much to see what they looked like.  I've messaged her and am dying to hear back from her soon.

So, I'll be back on a regular basis now, I'm sure.  Christmas is busy, but not so busy that I can't saddle up and ride off into the Halls of the Past again.  How is everyone else doing? 

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