A Family Photo: An Unexpected Delight!

Just a quick post --

I haven't followed my son's father's genealogy too much at this point; fortunately, there are people who have clearly done a lot of documented work that will get me going when I get serious about it.

Still, I swing over to that side of the tree every now and then, and discovered a wonderful photograph and a distant cousin of my son's to go with the photo.  She has done a huge amount of work (since 1957!) and appears to be a terrific source of information.

So here's the picture:

Credit to Nancy Kay Crook Thomas for this photograph

 The father in the picture is Louis F. Earthman, my son's 3X great-grandfather, and the oldest boy at the top is his great-great grandfather, William George Napoleon Earthman.

I know you know how exciting this is -- a picture!  And a cousin!  And coincidentally, I just ordered Louis F's military record from the National Archives, along with my great-grandfather's (Joseph Ortmann).  Can't wait to get those.

The smallest things create such great happiness . . . 


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