Genealogically Dazed and Confused

With the new year, all kinds of new possibilities have arisen related to my genealogy research.  I'm kind of befuddled as to where I should be focusing my attention:

1.  Most important, I guess, is getting ready to spend time in the Library in Salt Lake, prior to RootsTech.   I have been working on it but would like to spend more focused time on it.

2.  Thomas MacEntee is running a wonderful "Genealogy Do-Over" series on his Geneabloggers site.  Between the postings on his website and the lively conversation on the related Facebook page, it's a treasure trove of resources and ideas.  People are using this opportunity in various ways -- while I don't think I'm ready for the complete "do-over" (throw out all your research and start again!), I'd love to join others in the "go-over" -- take various actions to review, document, clean up, and so on.  I just haven't found a block of time to really get into this.  Fortunately, I think the posts will remain on Thomas' site so that I can get back to it, but I'd miss the real-time conversation as it's going on on Facebook.

Credit to Geneabloggers

3.  I really, really want to participate in the "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge this year but I'm slow out of the gate.  Here it is Week 3, and I haven't started.  I guess I could start with Week 3 and then go back later to do the first two weeks.  This plays havoc with my (probably neurotic) need to do things "the correct way," but it would get me started.

What to do, what to do?  I guess I should quit dithering around -- quit writing posts about it! -- and just get down to it.  I think I'll start with Week #3 of 52 Ancestors . . . the theme for this week is "Tough Woman."  I sure have plenty of those!


  1. I am going to do a genealogy "go over" at a later time too. I wanted to finish "The Book Of Me" series from 2013-2014 first before starting something else. There's a lot to keep up with out there.

  2. I know! In another post, I talked about the "ooh, shiny" aspect of genealogy -- my attention seems to be drawn by one thing after the other and I have a hard time sticking with one thing (like really understanding how to use Evernote) until it's finished.


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