Happy Belated Blogiversary

 Happy 2nd Blogiversary !

I admit I lose track of things sometimes, but missing my own blogiversary, well, that's a bit much.  As of yesterday, my blog is two years old:  my inaugural post was on January 22, 2013.  I'll celebrate by recapping a bit.

  • Including this one, I've written 138 posts, with the pace picking up since I retired.
  • Over the two years, I've had 16,242 views!  That feels like a lot.

I'm glad that readers have enjoyed the blog, and I'm especially happy that my family has learned things that they collectively did not know about their ancestors.

Most valuable of all, though, is the enjoyment I've gotten from the research I've done, the writing of my ancestors' stories, the fascinating history I've learned along the way, and the friends I've made in the genealogy community.  In general, genealogists are open-hearted and generous, and I've been very gratified at becoming part of this community. 


  1. Happy 2nd Blogiversary! ~ Cathy

  2. Happy 2nd Blogiversary to you!!! I'm not even through my first year, but have gained so much by blogging. Hope your 3rd year brings even more discoveries & friendships!

  3. Happy 2nd Blogiversary AGAIN! Love your Pieces. Keep them Coming! I'm U5 as well! Yeah for Ursula!


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