Are you ready for the FHL and RootsTech?

With reference to my previous post, I'm feeling pretty scatter-shot these days.  I'm leaving for Salt Lake in 23 days, and I'm scrambling to be ready to walk into that Library.  But I guess this is the way my questions are shaping up.

1.  Who was grandfather Gustav Berneburg's mother?  Family says Hermine Kleemann, documents say Johanna Schmidt.  We have an emotional stake in this, because he was a hard, abusive man, and uncovering some of his origins might shed some light on the challenges in his life.

2.  Who was great-grandmother Christiane Bellmer's father?  She was born illegitimately, but her mother appears to have married someone named Christian Schulze later.  Christian/Christiane?  I'd like to find evidence of that marriage and I hope it might contain some tidbit acknowledging that she was his biological daughter; that would open up the Schulzes as a bloodline to pursue.

3.  Did great-great-grandfather Anton Langer leave Silesia for the U.S., following his son Johann to Emmett, Wisconsin?  The dates and ages are compatible, but I have no evidence that Anton left Oberglogau.  I need to look at the death register to see if he died in Silesia -- if so, case closed.

I think these will be more than enough -- at this point, I'm combing the catalog to see what microfilms I might pre-order, to have them ready when I get there.  From all I've heard/read, you need to hit the ground running in order to make the most of your time in the Library.  Having been trained as a social science researcher, I do know my way around doing research in a library, but this is the Library, and I probably won't have a chance to get back there for a while, if ever.

Can't wait.


  1. I like how you've narrowed it to a few, great questions! I think you'll be able to use your time wisely. Wish I was able to go! Not this year, but hopefully sometime soon...

  2. Thanks, Dana -- I hope I can accomplish something!


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