A Miscellaneous Kind of Day

1.  I've accomplished quite a bit on the Genealogy Do-Over (go-over, in my case); the latest achievement is setting up a "genealogy toolbox" wiki to keep all my links at my fingertips.  My next step, I think, is to go through my tree and eliminate duplicate facts and events (tedious!), just generally clean things up.

2.  I've been trying RootsMagic 7 and have felt very frustrated in doing that -- it doesn't sync with Ancestry, when I import the latest GEDCOM the media files don't come with it, I'm confused about the process of checking links with MyHeritage and Family Search -- I confirm a match, but then the information isn't transferred back to RM -- again, you have to do that by hand.  I think I'll put that aside for now and come back to it.  If you really like RM, please tell me that the learning curve is worth it!

3.  I'm eager to finish the story of Joseph Ortmann and his two wives, but I'm waiting for a number of documents to arrive.  I've gotten interesting information from the orphanage where Clara and Mabel lived, and I'm waiting for information on Joseph from Palacios, TX.  And also an extremely important document from the State of California; I'm crossing my fingers that they will send that one to me (it's pretty sensitive information).  So stay tuned for more exciting developments in that story!

 Jenny Pansing on Flickr, creative commons license

4.  RootsTech!  I'm so excited to be leaving next Monday for SLC and the Family History Library.  Got my ducks all in a row, and I'm I'm hoping to be there by 2:00 in the afternoon, so I can at least orient myself, before spending two full days on Tuesday and Wednesday.  But I have so many things to do before then -- making a list, shopping, packing -- I guess I'd better get cracking on that one!  Only six more days before I leave . . .

Have a great genealogy day, everyone --


  1. I wish I could give you some words of encouragement about RootsMagic 7, Elise. Unfortunately, with the exception of WikiTree, I have no online trees to sync with RM, so I can't help you in that regard.

    However, if it makes you feel any better, pretty much any time you try to transfer information via GEDCOM, it's going to get screwed up. I don't care what program you're going from or going to, it's not going to be perfect. Now, I know that RM will talk directly to FamilySearch Family Tree (and is certified in that regard) ... and I guess My Heritage now too, but I haven't tried either one so I can't speak to its reliability. It is my understanding that it all must be done by hand though, to prevent willy-nilly merging of records (which is sort of responsible, if you think about it).

    I would recommend either getting on the forum on the RootsMagic website or leaving a comment on the RootsMagic facebook page and see if Bruce can help walk you through what needs to be done.

  2. Thanks so much for the help, Jenny -- I like the format of it but at this point feel quite frustrated with it. I'll try the forum.


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