New Technologies

 Back from RootsTech with new technologies.  I'll be having fun learning how to use these --

1.   At last, I have a new scanner!  I got myself a Canon LIDE 220, and so far I like it very well.  It's small enough that I can use it while sitting on the couch watching TV (because as we all know, scanning is crashingly boring).  Now that I have it set up, I think, it's making good copies.  Here's a nice old family photo from 1960:

Uncle Eric, Grandma B, Deb, Lise, Chris, Aunt Hilda, Grandma O, and Mom.  Dad must have been behind the camera.

I believe that this picture was taken at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, when the New York relatives came to visit.  I'm pretty sure that Grandma Sophie was still living with us and Grandma Ortman was just visiting.   I'll be having fun with this new scanner!  

2.   I've purchased Evidentia and hope to be watching a webinar tomorrow on learning how to use it.  While participating in the Genealogy Do-Over, I've come to realize how deficient my sourcing and documenting have been.  It seems like a monumental task but a very important one for me to work on, so that it becomes an automatic part of the process.  I've heard great things about Evidentia and I hope it will become an important tool in my toolbox.

3.   At RootsTech, I attended a session on Artisan, software for digital scrapbooking.  I've never really gotten into scrapbooking, digital or otherwise, but I'd like to, and Artisan looks like it's pretty easy to use.  I'd like to make a couple of books for various purposes, and have already started making pages.  It's fun!

My little son, only a few hours old --

4.   Finally, I've decided to start using RootsMagic.  I started fiddling with it before I went to Salt Lake but gave up because it was too much to deal with at that point.  I'm encouraged by the possibility of syncing with Family Search, reducing the necessity for putting my family tree on the website one by one.  I'll update on how it's going!  

So I have plenty on my plate at this point!  I'll be busy at least until the SoCal Jamboree comes around in June.  Do you have advice for me on any of my new technologies?

A page I made in Artisan --


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