Salt Lake Update: Part 2

Another great day in Salt Lake! 

I got going pretty early so I could have breakfast and take care of my conference registration before I went to the Library.  Here's one thing I learned right away:

The Salt Palace Convention Center is huge!
A lot of things here are huge -- the things that look like a block on the map are actually about two long blocks, in my estimation, and since I'm having a bout of back trouble, they seem like two miles.

I was happy when I booked a room at the Radisson and their website said they were right next to the Salt Palace.  This morning I went in the door that is indeed right next to the hotel, and I walked . . . and I walked . . . and I walked.  A man directed me to walk down the hall and go up an escalator where his wife would give me further instructions.  She told me to go all the way down and turn right and go a long long way and then down an escalator again.  When I finally got there, I felt as if I'd found the holy grail!  I made sure I found out which exit would bring me out closest to the Library, and I headed over there.

Just one of the many rows of microfilm storage drawers . . . 

I'd decided yesterday that I would start with Joseph Ortmann, so I headed upstairs to the U.S. collection on the second floor.   I found Joseph and Mabel Manson's marriage license application in Houston records, but I couldn't find anything about Joseph and Clara's marriage in St. Louis.  Were they ever actually married?  Maybe it was someplace other than St. Louis.

After a couple of hours in the U.S. collection, I went back down to the International floor to look further for Anton Langer's death notice.  This time I lucked out, finding what I'm sure is the right one.

I know this is impossible to read (I did get a good digital copy), but it definitely says "Meister Weber," which Anton was (a master weaver), and at the end, it says he was survived by two children, Anna and Maximilian, my great-grandfather.  This settles the question of whether Anton emigrated to America, but it raises another question because the wife listed here is not one I'm familiar with.  It's always something.

If I can sneak a little more time, I'd like to go back and look for one more thing, official records for my great-grandmother Anna Schwietering.  The convention starts tomorrow and the schedule is pretty full, but I might be able to squeeze in another hour or two.

Tomorrow starts at 7:30 with a VIP tour of the Expo Hall for bloggers.  The fun begins!


  1. Should have brought your hiking boots

  2. Thanks for the inside VIEW!!!!!! Glad you had so much fun!


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