Goin' to the Jamboree!!

I'm excited to be going to the Southern California Genealogical Society's Genealogy Jamboree again in June!  I had a great time last year, lots of great sessions, nice people, just a lot of fun all around.

This year, I'll be attending the DNA Day and then the three-day weekend workshop.


Here are the dates:

Genetic Genealogy: DNA Day Plus!
Thursday, June 4, 2015
Burbank, California

Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Friday-Sunday, June 5-7, 2015
Burbank, California

I see on the website that there's a revised schedule, so I'm going to go through that to see what I'd like to attend.  I love planning what to see at conferences, don't you?  I'll post my favorites soon.


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