Home again, home again . .. .

jiggety jig.  I have to confess that I ducked out early today.  There's a point at which you just feel done, and I was there this morning.

So, after some stupid trouble getting out of the parking lot and trying to communicate with someone at the other end of a very bad intercom thing ("Press the button.  Listen for the tones.  When the tones finish, talk.  Then let go of the button" -- this whole thing didn't work very well), I finally escaped the Marriott and started on my way.

I was upset that my computer power cord wasn't working, so I went to Fry's, right by the hotel, to see if I could get an adapter for the power cord that I thought was probably the problem.

Nope.  The tech guy at Fry's tried another power cord and told me the problem is in the socket in the computer, not the power cord.  Bummer.  I'm hoping someone in Santa Cruz can fix it, so I don't have to send the (almost brand new) computer away somewhere.

I headed up I-5, stopped in Buttonwillow (I love the name of that town, but it's really a bleak place) to have lunch and took a serious risk having lunch at was clearly a hole-in-the-wall Indian place.  Surprisingly, though it definitely fit the definition of hole-in-the-wall, the food was excellent -- chicken korma that melted in my mouth and garlic naan that was delicious.  I lucked out on that one.

I was listening to an audiobook all the way down to Burbank and all the way back:  "A God in Ruins," by Kate Atkinson.  This book had a tremendous effect on me, and for the whole last hour I had tears streaming down my cheeks, which is not the best way to be driving on a freeway, especially when you're tired and wish you could be napping!  It's a wonderful story of a man's life, beautifully written and extremely touching.

Eventually, I made it home, and my darling little dog was so happy to see me, it was an excellent welcome back home.  I managed to get my e-book file off of the not-working computer so I can still work on it, and I'll try to get it to a repairman tomorrow.

Jamboree 2015 was great!  I really enjoyed myself.  But it's good to be home.


  1. Glad you made it home...but also glad for the chance to meet you, Elise! Hope you find a reliable repairman and get your computer back up and running.

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