On the way to Jamboree!

So, tomorrow morning I'm leaving for the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree!  I'm very excited, because I enjoyed it greatly last year and am looking forward to going again.  I will be meeting up with some as-yet-unmet friends, and with Geneabloggers, and so on, so it promises to be a very fun and productive four days.

I have a lot to still do, but I hope to be leaving by about 10:30 AM so that I can enjoy my traditional lunch at Anderson's Pea Soup in Buellton.  I love the "Travelers' Special," with pea soup and onion cheese bread.  Yummy.  That will fortify me for the rest of the boring ride down Interstate 5.   They also have nice cheese in a crock that I might get to keep in my room fridge.  I do have audiobooks on my iPod, so that always makes the time go faster.

Thursday is DNA day -- looking forward to that, very much.  Then the Jamboree itself starts on
Friday.  I was delighted to learn today that we're going to hook up with the Global Family Reunion on Saturday; that sounds like great fun.  I'll try to stay all the way through Sunday, but unfortunately I often poop out before the end.

Looking forward to meeting up with fellow Geneabloggers on Saturday night.

I always agonize over what I should bring.  Will I have time to blog?  Should I bring my watercolor stuff and work on something in the evenings?  Will I have time to finish that book I've been dying to read?

I'm working on an e-book, so I think that will be a main focus.  But other than that, I'll take it as it comes and just enjoy myself.

I have a fantasy of presenting next year . . .


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