SoCal Jamboree, Day 1

Here's the problem with genealogy conferences:  you go to these presentations and you get so much information and so many ideas that you want to run back to your room to try them out, but then you'd be missing more information in another presentation.  My favorite presentation today was on "Methods for Identifying the German Origins of American Immigrants," by Dr. Michael Lecopo. This presentation was so chock full of information, I was typing as fast as I could to capture as much as I could into my iPad.  While I was familiar with some of his resources, others were new to me and look promising.  So I was longing to get back to my room to try them out . . .

The day started a little slowly; the main events didn't really start until the afternoon, so I hung out in my room and worked on my e-book (which I am not yet ready to reveal).  I did go down early in the morning to get coffee and to say hi to Thomas MacEntee and to get from him my beautiful blogger beads -- they are particularly lovely this time!  The beads identify bloggers to one another so that you can say hello and introduce yourself.  I'm looking forward to the bloggers' get-together tomorrow evening.

The afternoon was full of presentations, and at one point I stopped by to be a research assistant -- I'd signed up to help people with beginning research and German research.  The person I had an appointment with didn't show up, but I had a nice time talking with the other researchers.  One in particular I discovered was from Santa Cruz, and I heard all about the Santa Cruz Genealogical Society, which I will definitely be joining when I get back home.  We also shared some genealogical war stories, and he gave me a tip on finding historical records from a state mental institution, but unfortunately that didn't pan out.  No records from the one I need to research.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a session on researching poor ancestors (my tree is full of them), one on institutional records, and another on "immersion genealogy," which is what I think I practice.  But I'll find out tomorrow.

So I finally made it back to my room, and I'm going to keep working on the book.  And relax.  A conference really takes it out of you.

Oh, and my big disappointment of the day -- I believe it was National Donut Day, and there were no donuts that I could find anywhere.  Oh well.


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