SoCal Jamboree, Day 2

I have to be quick because I'm having another power cord problem, this time on my laptop.  Gakkh!  I'm going to be out of power any minute.

I really enjoyed myself today.  I went to a great presentation by Lisa Alzo on finding ancestors with ethnic resources, such as lodges, foreign language newspapers, and so on.  She brought up many possibilities of places to look for information, and I was very happy I went to her presentation.

Later I went to a talk by Paula Stewart Warren on researching poor ancestors.  This was really fascinating, and for those of us who are definitely not tracing our lineage back to Charlemagne it was extremely helpful.  She suggested many different avenues for tracing ancestors who might have received financial help from various agencies, places we might look for records, including, for example, minutes of governing boards of places like orphanages or poor farms.  It was an excellent presentation.  I'm really impressed with the quality of the presentations this year -- there's a wide variety to choose from, and the ones I've attended have been excellent.

This afternoon I returned to the research assistance center, and actually had a client!  It being my first time, I was so nervous that I could hardly type on my laptop.  Her goal was to find information on her great-great grandmother, who was orphaned at an early age and informally adopted by relatives -- something that causes great distress for a genealogist trying to trace her history.  If you don't know who the adoptive parents were, and she didn't, it can be extremely frustrating trying to find the person you're looking for.  I gave her a few ideas of where to look, and in going over some census data she had already had from her g-grandma's adulthood, I noticed that her parents were listed as having been born in Louisiana, something that she had completely missed.  This is a huge point for any genealogist -- don't just read a document once; read it twice, three times, ten times!  I've had it happen more than once, that I went over a document again and found something that I'd completely missed.  So just for that little thing and for the other ideas I gave her, I had a happy client!

Late afternoon, I met up with several bloggers and my friend Jacqui.  I enjoyed meeting and talking with them, and came out of the conversation energized in thinking about the book I'm working on.

So . . . a quiet evening, and then I have a feeling that I'll get going fairly early tomorrow.  There comes a point when you just feel "done," and you want to get back home.  But this has been a great conference.


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