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Not too long now!

I'm getting very excited about leaving on the 27th for the FGS cruise to Alaska!  I'm taking my sister Deb, we have a beautiful room with an ocean view, and we both can't wait. We leave from Seattle.  On the "at sea" days, FGS will be putting on presentations and workshops, and they have some genealogy-related excursions (though Deb and I won't be joining those).  The ship -- Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas -- looks beautiful, with tons of activities and great looking food! I've been to Alaska once before, but my sister never has, so that will be very exciting for her.  It's such a beautiful place, so much natural splendor -- it's the only place where the word "stupendous" has ever seemed an appropriate description. The speakers sound wonderful too:  Elizabeth Shown Mills, Judy G. Russell, David E. Rencher, and D. Joshua Taylor.  Exciting! I'm not sure whether I'll be able to blog during the trip -- what Wi-Fi

Oh, Annie: Thinking About My Great-Grandmother

I've written about my great-grandmother, Annie Schwietering Ortmann, here  and here . Today, I've been working on my book (German research for newbies, essentially), and I did an exhaustive search on the Big Three (Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Family Search) for the Ortmann family.  I found some interesting things. First, we know that as researchers, we have to deal with variations in spelling.  If your ancestor is named Smith or Jones, this might not be much of an issue.  But if your great-grandmother's name was Schwietering, well, here are the variations I've found so far: Annie Sweder Schiewfering Schwictering Schnrifering Schwieterina Schueitering Schweitering If I'm being very conscientious, I'll search for all of these variations any time I search for Annie.  Can you say "tedious"? More important is that in my searches, I found birth and/or death records for Joseph Ortmann and Annie's children.  Indulge me while I pres