A Tale of Two Blogs: A Small Reckoning

A little over 5 years ago, I started blogging.  My first blog was "One Woman, Reinvented"; a couple of years away from full retirement, I had taken up photography and wanted to share my work and the skills I was learning.  I loved the writing and met so many interesting people through my new interest and my first blog.

A couple of years later, I was actually retired and while still enjoying photography, I had become deeply involved in genealogy.  After considering whether I could maintain two blogs, I decided to focus my attention on a new blog:  "Living in the Past:  A Family History."  At first, I expected the readers to not extend far beyond my family, but over time my readership has grown.  I've found things to share with other genealogists and other bloggers, and the response has been wonderful.

I became curious about how the two blogs compared.  Here's a small reckoning as of April 26, 2106:

One Woman, Reinvented

2-1/2 years, 175 posts, 41,875 pageviews

Top posts:

My Muse? Flora, Goddess of Flowers  1681 views
Is it cruel to keep cats indoors?  818 views
Okay, about bird poop . . .   506 views

Living in the Past

3-1/4 years, 212 posts, 50,636 pageviews

Top Posts

Lost in the Homeland Part 1:  Researching Genealogy in Germany  =  6922
Lost in the Homeland Part 2:  Researching Genealogy in Germany  =   722
Once You Open the Closet Door (A Mystery Solved)    =   596

The strong response to my "Lost in the Homeland" posts have led me to expand the information in an e-book that should be available soon.  The book is intended for beginning researchers in German genealogy and will be full of resources to help you on your way.

Leave me your email on the pop-up and I'll be happy to let you know when it's out!


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