Long time no genealogy

I've been away for quite a long time.  I've been pondering the why's and wherefore's but haven't been able to come up with anything.  So I think I'll just pick up and forge ahead.

Linda Stufflebean over at Empty Branches on the Family Tree recently posted an interesting challenge -- six questions each requiring four answers.  I think I'll play along!  Here are the questions and my answers.
  1. What four places did my ancestors live that are geographically the farthest from where I live today?
Oberglogau, Silesia (now Poland -- the Langers)
Lohr, Germany (the Sieglers)
Hannover, Germany (many ancestors)
Bremerhaven, Germany (the Langer/Berneburgs)

2. What are the four most unusual given names in my family tree?

Cuntz D. Alte (Berneburg)
Hibbel (Heissenbuettel)
Hebelia (Bellmer)
Louis Fate (Earthman)
Ficke (Mehrtens)

3. What are the four most common given names in my family tree?
Johan/Joan/Johannes  (50)
Anna (40)
Mary/Maria (42)
William/Wilhelm (20)

4. Name four places on my ancestral home bucket list I’d like to visit:

Oberglogau, Silesia
Bremen, Germany
Bremerhaven, Germany
Erkeln, Germany

5. What are the four most unusual surnames in your family tree?

6. Which four brick walls would you most like to smash through?
Mabel Manson Ortmann (why was she committed to a state mental hospital?)
Sophie Bellmer  (was Christian Schulze the father of her daughter Christiane?)
Gustav Berneburg  (was his mother Hermine Kleeman or Hanne Schmidt?)
Hug ancestors (I'd like to get farther than I have so far)

And how have you been while I've been gone?


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