To-Do Tuesday: What's on Your List?

I had intended to write something for Motivational Monday, but the day got the best of me. Since I'm getting back in the saddle again, I think I'll take stock of where I am and make a list.

1.  Number one of all things is to finish my book, "Lost in the Homeland:  German Genealogy for Beginners."  I'm getting close to being done; I need to write a chapter on German sources beyond the ones I use in Case Study #2 (about my great- grandfather, Maximilian Langer) and a conclusion, and after that I can ship it off to my two expert readers.

2.  Once this is done, I need to round up some novice German genealogists to read an advance copy of the book and to give me some feedback (if you're interested, leave me a comment, though there will be an official request soon). 

3.  I have some branches of the tree I need to be working on.  One of great interest is that of Amanda Sells Manson -- I so want to find out what became of her.  Had she died, as her scalawag husband Fred Manson said when he dropped his girls off at an orphanage, or did she suffer from a mental illness that caused her to go back to her family?

4.  On this task, there's nothing to do but to wait:  I sent a letter two weeks ago to the office that has the historical records of Camarillo State Hospital, asking if they can release information to me about Mabel Manson Ortmann (Amanda's daughter).  I want to tell her story, and to do that I need to know why she was committed to Camarillo in 1934 or so and stayed there until her death in 1967.

Camarillo State Hospital in the 1940's, when Mabel was there

5.  Speaking of which, doesn't it kill you to know that there were ancestors living during the part of your lifetime that you weren't particularly interested in genealogy?  Gaaakh!  

6.  This summer, I need to mine the New York Genealogical and Historical Society.  Last August, when my sister and I were on the cruise to Alaska with the Federation of Genealogical Societies, I won a year's membership to the NYG&HS.  I have to get into it and see what I can find before the membership runs out.

7.  I need to connect with the Berneburg/Werneburg Family History Society in Germany to see if there's anything else I can discover on that line and also to get some documentation of sources on the information they've given me.  I trust that their information is well-sourced, but I still need the information.

8.  I need to seriously think about whether I (and my sister?) can go to the Berneburg/Werneburg family reunion in Germany next year.  I would so like to go.

9.  The Bellmer-Schulze connection is still calling to me.  Can I get a birth certificate for Christiane Bellmer, or a marriage document for Sophie Bellmer and Christian Schulze?  So far, I haven't had any luck, even at the FHL in Salt Lake City.

10.  Hockmeyer?  Huskemeyer?  How many spelling variants could there be?  This is the one great-grandmother on my father's side that I'm stuck on.

11.  Make a decision on Grandpa Berneburg's mother:  Hanne Schmidt or Hermine Kleeman?  Make up your mind and explore it.

12.  Scan, scan, scan!  I have so much scanning to do.  Pick a day and just do it.

So there you have it, at least for the moment.  When I get stuck and don't know what to do, I can . . . just pick something!

What on your list is calling your name right now?


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