A New To-Do List

I'm back; I'm really back.  The last few months have been a whirlwind -- I've left California, moved to Minnesota, bought a house, gone through the chaos of moving in, shopped for everything imaginable (from curtains to furniture to light fixtures to toolkit and beyond), had bathrooms painted and flooring replaced with hardwood, found a doctor, dentist, vet, dog park, grocery store, take-out restaurant, on and on.  It's been a busy few months with very little time to think about genealogy.

My new backyard, in winter and spring

But now, I have some time to breathe and time to return to the process of unearthing my family history.  Having been away from it for way too long, I have many things to do to catch up!  Here's my list, as I think about it today:

1. Leaves and other hints:  So very many hints on Ancestry and My Heritage!  I've dipped a tiny toe into the pool and discovered that in my absence the sites have added much information in the way of records.  One in particular I'm puzzling over will lead back another generation in my maternal line, which fellow DNA explorers will understand is good progress.  This would take me back to the early 1700's and my 5th great-grandmother.  But the record is extremely hard to read, and I'll need help.

 Birth record of Adelheit Wellbrock, my 5th great-grandmother

2.  I will get back to finishing my book!  I'll have to do research on what's new in the area and pick up from where I left off, the chapter on resources in Germany.

Then I'd like to have a few people read it, and it will be ready for publication.

3.  Sadly, with all the expense of the move, I've had to cancel my planned trip to Germany.  I won't be there personally, but I can write to people that I hoped to meet with and see what information I can gather that way.  I'll also plan on being there for the next Berneburg family reunion, in 2019.

4.  I moved away from the Santa Cruz Genealogy Society (which I had just joined in 2016  😕), but here in Minnesota, I've joined the Germanic Genealogy Society, and am looking forward to getting involved in their activities.

5.  I've signed up for the International Germanic Genealogy Conference held here in Minneapolis in July.  I'm greatly looking forward to that.

6.  Something I'm not looking forward to -- straightening things out in my RootsMagic and Ancestry files.  I can see that I have some duplicates, some mixed up connections, and so on.  Tedious but important work to be done.

7.  Putting more of my tree on FamilySearch.  Again, kind of tedious, but a good thing to do.

8.  Putting in some time on the DNA side of things.  I've written someone about getting a more detailed description of my mtDNA; I'm going to order a new test from the Living DNA project; and I need to give some attention to just understanding what my (and my siblings') results mean.

9.  Helping my brother-in-law with his family tree -- he knows little about genealogy but would like to know more.  We might be making a day trip this weekend to one of his older relatives to scan some documents.  Since he and my sister housed me and my little dog during the transition to my own home, I feel I owe them a great deal!  And I'm happy to do it.

10.  Reconnect with the genealogy community.  Read other people's blogs and tweets, contribute to the general knowledge, renew connections that have lagged in the interim.

So.  Plenty for me to keep busy with, along with my watercolor painting class, photography, and plans to teach in community ed classes in my new town.  Nothing like keeping busy in retirement, right?

What's on your genealogical to-do list?


  1. Elise,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at http://janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com/2017/04/follow-friday-fab-finds-for-april-21.html

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm struggling with my German side so I'll be watching you! I'm not so far from you here in north Iowa but I won't be driving in any city ever!

  3. Hi, I am always looking for new tips on German genealogy. Please consider dropping in to #ancestryhour on Twitter - we are an international genealogy chat group. 1pm Minneapolis time every Tuesday. Welcome back to blogging!

  4. Hi Elise! I'm delighted to have found you and some of your sites! This is a childhood friend, Cheryl H. from Virginia Circle N. I would love to do some "catch up" with you. You can email me at: greatnanacg@gmail.com. I've just barely scratched the surface into my German ancestry, but will certainly be using a lot of your experience and suggestions.


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